Automatic Tourniquet System
Double Channel Surgical Pneumatic Automatic Tourniquet system


A tourniquet can be defined as a contraction or compression device used to control the flow of arterial and venous blood to a part of the limb for a period of time. Apply pressure circumferentially around a portion of the limb at the desired location; this pressure is transmitted to the blood vessel wall, resulting in temporary occlusion or restriction of the blood vessel.

In the surgical environment, the tourniquet is used to block arterial blood flow after bleeding to create a relatively bloodless surgical area and minimize blood loss. In case of emergency, use a tourniquet to stop bleeding, so as to provide medical care in time before the injured person bleeds.

In the rehabilitation environment, the tourniquet is used to limit arterial blood flow at a stable and safe pressure for a short time during low-intensity exercise, so as to increase muscle size and strength faster.


The electric pneumatic hemostasis device mainly forms pressure by inflating the hemostatic cuff and compresses the blood vessel to achieve the purpose of stopping bleeding. It is used to hinder the blood flow of the limbs during limb surgery (not suitable for femoral artery hemostasis).

Features and Advantages


  • Automatic pneumatic tourniquet is a tourniquet product with LOP measurement function. It has patented technology and can increase or decrease the set value at any time during operation.


  • Battery back-up, six-hour battery life; visual and audio alarms, positive locking connectors.


  • Advanced microprocessor technology includes self-diagnostic tests and continuous monitoring for consistently dependable performance.


  • Fast inflation and deflation save time for busy operating room personnel. Ergonomic contours facilitate handling and operation for positive, confident control. High Quality Inflation The Tourniquet System addresses important concerns in medical tourniquet system design, providing the features that healthcare facilities demand for safety, reliability and convenience.

Patient Safety

  • Dual cuffs provide precise, independent monitoring and performance for bilateral or Bier Block procedures. Accurate pressure monitoring for patient safety and confidence.

User Friendly

  • Large LED display is adjustable and easy to read, even from a distance. Simple setup includes user-defined default pressure and time settings. Lightweight, portable unit can be mounted on an I.V. pole or placed on a table.


Item For Tourniquet Cuffs
Type Reusable Use
Origin Shenzhen, China
Model-Spec. MH-6200-0540


Cylindrical、 5*40 cm
Cylindrical、 7*50 cm
Cylindrical、 8*80 cm
Cylindrical、 10*100 cm

Contour、 11*80 cm
Contour、 8*45 cm

Cylindrical、 5*30 cm
Cylindrical、 7*45 cm
Cylindrical、 9*75 cm
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